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Vellai Pookal Tamil Full Movie Review

 Vellai Pookal Tamil Full Movie Synopsis:

A resigned cop goes to the US to live with his child and ends up associated with a seizing case. Indeed, even as he is attempting to find the hijacker, the case turns out to be excessively close to home.

 Vellai Pookal Tamil Full Movie Review:

When it comes to whodunits, throwing is urgent in light of the fact that the minute you have an outstanding on-screen character, the crowd begins to concentrate on their activities explicitly so as to outguess the disclosure. Vellai Pookal settles on some shrewd decisions to kill this test. One of these is clearly the throwing of Vivekh, an on-screen character who is referred to additional as a comic, as its hero – resigned cop Rudhran. Regardless of appearing to be somewhat ungainly in specific scenes, the on-screen character dismantles it off gratitude to his tirelessness.

Rudhran has gone to the US to live with his child, Ajay (Dev), with whom he hasn’t been on great terms for as far back as three years. We rapidly induce why. Ajay’s significant other, Alice (Paige Henderson) is an American. Rudhran doesn’t endeavor to be genial with her.

Indeed, even as he gets acquainted with an actual existence that one character compares to “kambi illadha prison”, he becomes a close acquaintence with Bharathidasan (Charlie, the film’s comic sidekick), another resigned individual living with his little girl Ramya (Pooja Devariya). Unexpectedly, Ramya happens to be Ajay’s collaborator also.

At the point when a neighbor gets hijacked by a secret individual, Rudhran’s cop impulses go to the fore and he, with Bharathi as his Watson, chooses to play Sherlock. Be that as it may, very soon, the case turns into an individual one for him. In the interim, we additionally get a parallel track, including a young lady who is being mishandled by her very own dad.

Notwithstanding when it needs assuredness regarding structure, Vellai Pookal stays sure-footed in its narrating and keeps us engaged. It presents us with a strong puzzle and disentangles it with certainty. The chief invests some energy setting up the suspects, and thought we can reject a couple of the red herrings immediately, two or three those are genuinely persuading. One of these is shrewd throwing while the other is a decent cap tip to a story gadget – including distinctive courses of events – that analyst books utilize. Actually, the executive figures out how to make this perspective, which for the most part works just on paper, appear to be persuading without making us feel tricked.

Be that as it may, a portion of its visual tests don’t function also. Like the plan to gives us scenes where we see Rudhran carrying out the wrongdoing, to pass on the way that he places himself in the shoes of the offenders to illuminate his cases. The visual amusement of the cop’s perspective, however somewhat inelegant, charges better.


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