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Neanderthals ate seafood together with crabs, clams, oysters and dolphins – Every day Mail

Neanderthals fed frequently on mussels, fish and different omega-3-rich marine life together with seals, which possible impacted their cognitive talents, a brand new research claims.

Archaeological digs alongside the Portuguese coast reveal the proof that our cavemen ancestors had as a lot fondness for seafood as trendy people at present.

Each Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens tucked into ‘surf and turf’, from molluscs, crabs, fish, waterfowl and dolphins to horse, goat and purple deer, in addition to pine nuts. 

The findings are primarily based on historical stays within the cave of Figueira Brava, Portugal, relationship to roughly 106,000-86,000 years in the past – when Neanderthals settled in Europe. 

A mussel shell mattress taken from a piece of the soil within the cave with a 20 cm ruler for comparability

Figueira Brava is 18.6 miles (30km) south of Lisbon on the slopes of the Serra da Arrábida, a pure park going through south, a couple of 45-minute drive from Lisbon

‘Just about each potential supply of meals that existed within the atmosphere they [Neanderthals] exploited and used it,’ stated Professor João Zilhão, an knowledgeable in palaeolithic archaeology on the College of Barcelona.

‘The importance of those discovering is that it confirmed that the folks residing about 100,000 years in the past have been practising the identical kind of financial system of subsistence financial system that you simply see 10,000 to five,000 years in the past solely in Neolithic Europe.’

Meals from the ocean is wealthy in omega-Three fatty acids and different fatty acids that promote the event of mind tissue.

Seafood might clarify the early look of those who used stays as symbolic artefacts, reflecting a larger inventive and emotional intelligence.

A view of the Figueira Brava cave with its three entrances. At this time Figueira Brava is situated immediately on the waterfront, however on the time of the Neanderthals it was as much as 1.2 miles (2km) from the coast

Items of Palourde clam (Ruditapes decussatus) discovered within the website. This mollusc is cultivated and harvested at present, comparable to in waters at Poole Harbour, Dorset

This contains physique portray utilizing ochre from the earth and the ornament of containers product of ostrich eggs with geometric motifs.

‘Such behaviour displays human’s capability for summary thought and communication by way of symbols, which additionally contributed to the emergence of extra organised and sophisticated societies of recent people,’ stated Dr Dirk Hoffmann on the Göttingen Isotope Geology Division.


Neanderthals are largely related to a food plan of meat, together with deer, ibex and even mammoth. 

However 50 per cent of the food plan of the inhabitants in Figueira Brava together with Neanderthals was constructed by coastal sources, researchers say:

Molluscs (limpet, mussel and clams; crustaceans (brown crab and spider crab)

Fish (shark, eel, sea bream, mullet)

Birds (mallard, frequent scoter, goose, cormorant, gannet, shag, auk, egret, loon)

Mammals (dolphin, seal). 

This was complemented with the hunt of deer, goats, horses, aurochs and different small preys comparable to tortoises. 

Among the many different carbonised vegetation discovered have been olive timber, vines, fig timber and different Mediterranean local weather typical species. 

Pine forests have been exploited as fruit tree gardens. 

Beforehand scientists urged that solely Homo sapiens in Africa fished and reaped the rewards of brain-boosting fatty acids that seafood accommodates, which can have enhanced their cognitive improvement.

This, they are saying, allowed technological and cultural improvements to blossom through the Center Stone Age – a interval lasting from 200,000 to 25,000 years in the past – permitting early trendy people in Africa to increase and conquer the world.

This idea is ‘devoid of empirical foundation’, says Professor Zilhão, and the current finds made in Figuera Brava present Neanderthals would have benefited simply as a lot from fish too. 

If common consumption of marine life performed an essential position within the improvement of cognitive talents, that is as true for Neanderthals as it’s for anatomically trendy people, the group consider.

‘When in related environments and related weather conditions and in the appropriate locations, folks have been doing just about the identical factor in Europe or Africa no matter whether or not we name them Neanderthals or “moderns” and these, in truth, are simply minor racial distinction between populations which, in the long run, ought to be thought-about as a part of Homo Sapiens,’ Professor Zilhão stated.

Figueira Brava is 18.6 miles (30km) south of Lisbon on the slopes of the Serra da Arrábida, a pure park going through south, a couple of 45-minute drive from Lisbon.

At this time Figueira Brava is situated immediately on the waterfront, however at the moment it was as much as 1.2 miles (2km) from the coast.

On the website, Dr Hoffmann dated flowstone layers – calcite deposits that type like stalagmites from dripping water – utilizing the uranium-thorium relationship.

Cracked-open and burnt fragments of pincers of the edible crab (most cancers pagurus), which remains to be eaten at present

Uranium-thorium relationship is a manner of figuring out the age of a rock by the quantity of radioactive thorium it accommodates.

Utilizing this methodology, Dr Hoffmann was capable of decide the age of the excavation layers to between 86,000 and 106,000 years – the interval wherein the Neanderthals settled in Europe.

Regardless of the similarities, researchers nonetheless found indicators of extra superior fishing at Homo sapien websites alongside the jewelry produced from shells.

50 per cent of the food plan of the inhabitants in Figueira Brava was constructed by coastal sources together with molluscs (limpet, mussel and clams) and crustaceans (brown crab and spider crab)

The research additionally contradicts the concept that Neanderthals have been primarily based on chilly tundras and have been consultants on searching mammoths, rhinos, buffalos and reindeers.

‘Most Neanderthals would have lived in southern areas, particularly in Italy and within the Iberian Peninsula, and its life-style would have been similar to these in Figueira Brava,’ stated Zilhão.

The worldwide group of archaeologists constructed on analysis within the 1920s when websites as previous as 100,000 years have been present in Gibraltar, Spain. 

The most recent outcomes have been revealed within the journal Science


The Neanderthals have been an in depth human ancestor that mysteriously died out round 50,000 years in the past.

The species lived in Africa with early people for tons of of millennia earlier than transferring throughout to Europe round 500,000 years in the past.

They have been later joined by people taking the identical journey a while previously 100,000 years. 

The Neanderthals have been a cousin species of people however not a direct ancestor – the 2 species cut up from a standard ancestor –  that perished round 50,000 years in the past. Pictured is a Neanderthal museum exhibit

These have been the unique ‘cavemen’, traditionally regarded as dim-witted and brutish in comparison with trendy people.

In recent times although, and particularly during the last decade, it has grow to be more and more obvious we have been promoting Neanderthals brief.

A rising physique of proof factors to a extra refined and multi-talented type of ‘caveman’ than anybody thought attainable.

It now appears possible that Neanderthals buried their useless with the idea of an afterlife in thoughts.

Moreover, their diets and behavior have been surprisingly versatile.

They used physique artwork comparable to pigments and beads, and so they have been the very first artists, with Neanderthal cave artwork (and symbolism) in Spain apparently predating the earliest trendy human artwork by some 20,000 years.

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