• Nani
  • Shraddha Srinath
  • Satyaraj
  • Samatha Raj
  • Harish Kalyan
  • Ronit Kamra
  • Praveen
  • Jayaprakash
  • Vishwant Duddumpudi
  • Sanusha

JERSEY is the story of Arjun (Nani) who is a cricket player. Arjun is the most talented and stylish player of the 1986 Hyderabad Ranji cricket team, which has a record of one triple century and two double centuries. After telling this much, the film then goes on 10 years, where Arjun (Nani) is a Jobless man with a beta named Nani. Arjun’s son Nani Nani wants to become a busy cricketer.

One day Nani asks his father Arjun for the original jersey of the Indian cricket team on his birthday. And at that time, in 1996, buying a jersey of Rs 500 for a jabless man was a very difficult thing. Now how the story started from a jersey goes ahead and whether the nanny will be able to gift the jersey to her son or not, this is the story ahead of this movie.

Arjun does something to give his son a jersey on his birthday. In the same movie, it is also told that Nani gave up playing cricket. Then they do some Godom work, but they also stop doing that work. They do boht kosisi to get their son jersey but Arjun does not know to earn money. At that time, Arjun’s cricket coach (the coach when he used to play cricket) ie Satyaraj comes and tells Arjun that there is going to be a charity cricket match between Hyderabad and New Zealand, and a place for a batsman for that match.

It is empty. And you will play at that place, but Nani is not ready for this, but Arjun’s friend and Satyaraj meet and accept the grandmother. Then how Arjun’s life changes and how this movie makes you cry, how the life of Arjun lives, these are the story ahead of the movie.

jersey movie – Plus Points: –

1. Nani acting

I would like to say that Nani has done the best acting of her film Carrier, you get fully connected to this movie May Nani and feel her pain and discomfort.

2. Movie Director (Gautham Tinanuri)

The director of the movie has directed all his hard work and worked on every detail of the movie, all the cricket matches shown in the movie are kept close to reality and there is no effort to put any kind of filmy touch. .
3. Supporting actors of the film
The film’s actress Shraddha Srinath and all the other supporting actors (Sampath Raj, Satya Raj, Harish Kalyan and Praveen) have all done their best.

Jersey movie – Minus points: –

This movie may minus points exit will not work with any madness. I did not see any negative points in this movie.

Final verdict: –

So Jersey is a must watch movie for all those who love their father, who love their children, who love cricket or you are a fan of Nani. You can make any reason to watch this movie. You do not know Telugu, the crowd must also watch this movie.