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Fitness Tips | 10 Bad Runner Habits (and How to Break Them)

1. Running too much too soon 

Coming back from Associate in Nursing injury? Now’s the time to require things slowly to remain healthy. Follow the quality rule of upping your mileage by solely ten % every week.

2. Refueling badly –

After exhausting runs, grab a high-carb snack, then a meal with carbs and supermolecule to reconstruct muscle.

3. Forgoing SPF –  

Up to twenty minutes of sun exposure every day are often sensible for you—but you wish sun blocker on runs longer than that (even once it’s overcast).

4. Ignoring your core –

Participants during a Journal of Strength and learning analysis study UN agency did core exercises fourfold per week for 6 weeks ran a 5K thirty seconds quicker than those that did not.

5. Starting a race too fast –

Hold your horses! Not holding back early during a race will ruin your PR hopes. think about using a GPS watch, therefore, you may apprehend your pace—and be ready to alter it—before the one-mile mark.

6. Being your own doctor –

Runners tend to be hyper-aware of their bodies, self-medicating with ice or Advil to treat aches and pains. however minor injuries may develop into serious ones. Instead, see a doctor sooner instead of later. If the pain has lingered for 3 days, schedule a rendezvous.

7. Skipping stretching –

It’s okay to relative quantity stretching before a run—in truth, static stretching once your muscles area unit cold may be a no-no—but loosening your muscles post-run will facilitate stop injury. Holding yoga poses for minutes at a time releases tension within the body and therefore the mind, and helps keep muscles versatile and stretched.

8. Not getting enough zzzz’s –

Studies show work too few hours of sleep will impair your running whereas compromising recovery, immunity, and mental sharpness. as a result of everybody needs completely different amounts of sleep, log your sleep time in your coaching journal and appearance for patterns specific to you. Once you work out what works for you, plan that number—and strive the following pointers to induce even higher sleep—as typically as attainable.

9. You never rest –

Overtraining will cause a number of issues, from injury and slower times to unhealthiness and a loss of motivation. each educational program ought to have a day of the week and 2 to a few easy-effort days per week to balance harder exercise days. It’s okay to cross-train, however, reward yourself with every day of total rest to present your muscles much-needed reconstruction and recovery time.

10. Fixing it all –

There’s lots of recommendation on a way to become a stronger runner, howevertry and concentrate on what manageable. Remember: You probably started running to feel higherto not become stressed.


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